inlineAV Partnership


Intriguing and inlineAV are pleased to announce that they are launching a technical and creative partnership, with both organisations working together to provide high spec packages for businesses across the country.

Intriguing will be the creative partner, providing creative video production, graphics design for both web and print that are capable of suiting any brand.

inlineAV will be the technical partner, and provide equipment solutions for recording and live broadcast production at any scale.

Both companies will be working closely together to ensure the best possible production solutions in bespoke, easy to manage packages that are capable of recording and broadcasting live, with specific company branding to ensure that everything is consistent across the board.

Sean Ridley, Managing Director of Intriguing, said “I’ve worked with James and his team at inlineAV for several years now on several projects, both professionally and just for the love of doing it. Our work always blurs and we find ourselves working together so often we thought making an official partnership made total sense.

“It’s something I’m really looking forward to, and together I’m confident we will succeed in providing the very best broadcast solutions.”

James Boyd, Managing Director of inlineAV, went on to say “I can only echo what Sean says. We’ve worked together so often and on so many different projects – linking up officially is the natural next step. inlineAV provide high quality production solutions while Intriguing provide some fantastic creative output. What more could anyone need?

For more information, or to get yourself a quote for the fantastic range of services we provide, visit or and get in touch today

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