Hampshire Drone Partnership


Intriguing and WDWD Industries (Hampshire Drone) are pleased to announce that they are launching an aerial imagery and creative partnership, with both organisations working together to provide high spec packages for businesses across the country.

Intriguing will be the creative partner, providing creative video production from a whole new perspective. 

Hampshire Drone will be the aerial imagery partner, and provide aerial imagery drone video and photography solutions for our clients, piloted by CAA approved commercial drone operators.

Both companies will be working closely together to ensure the best possible production solutions in bespoke, easy to manage packages.

Dave Edwards, Creative Director of Intriguing, said “I’m super excited to partner up with George from Hampshire Drone to provide a whole new perspective to tell stories for our clients. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can craft, and together I’m confident we will succeed in providing stunning imagery.”

George Woodward, Managing Director of WDWD Industries & Hampshire Drone, went on to say “We can’t wait to work with the guys over at Intriguing. We can now offer a more extensive video service to complement our stunning aerial shots with some superb cinematic ground shots.”

For more information, or to get yourself a quote for the fantastic range of services we provide, visit or and get in touch today.

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