An Intriguing Future…


We are delighted to announce ‘Intriguing’ – a brand new creative digital media agency from the team at Floodlight Digital Media that is there to provide you with Media to Raise Eyebrows and set you apart from the rest.

Floodlight Digital Media will now be simply known as FDM and will now focus itself purely as a creative production studio, giving us a platform to scratch our artistic itches and produce original content simply for the love of doing it.

Intriguing, meanwhile, will take the business element and provide media production services to organisations both locally and nationally. From videography to graphics design and photography, Intriguing will continue to provide the fantastic service FDM has with its unique spin on things that have thrilled our clients throughout our lifetime. All long term FDM contracts remain valid, and will not be altered prior to their respective renewals.

Sean Ridley takes up the helm as Managing Director, while Dave Edwards will become Creative Director. James Boyd steps in as the organisation’s Technical Director.

FDM’s partnerships with inlineAV and Hampshire Drone continue with Intriguing, and we are really looking forward to writing the next page in our already very exciting history with our clients and audiences both old and new.

Have a great weekend!
The Intriguing Collective

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